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Consumer Sentiments βeta A collaborative effort of BSE, CMIE & University of Michigan
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Estimations of Consumer Sentiment Indices and associated indicators are based on responses received by a sample of household respondents. This is a confidential survey. Respondents are assured that identity will not be revealed. CMIE does not reveal the identity of the households or the respondents in any way to anyone outside its own survey execution machinery. CMIE conducts the survey itself and it does not out-source this work to any external agency. It captures data electronically and transmits it as soon as an interview is completed. As a result, the respondent level data is always safeguarded in a secure central server. Access to this record-level data containing the identity of households and respondents is restricted. CMIE does make the record level data available but while doing so it does not reveal the name, address, location or other information that could be used by anyone to identify the household or the respondent.